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It will be amazing for you if you have the courage to go on a thrilling trip in the Dune Buggy. Dubai’s desert scenery is breathtaking. Small, light automobiles with oversized, low-pressure tires for riding on the sand are called “buggy,” and they are quite safe for people with no experience to operate.

While they may not be as strong as other off-road vehicles, they are nonetheless enjoyable and reasonably priced. The difficult terrain and breathtaking views of the surrounding area make this daring activity exciting.

Remind new riders that riding a quad bike is a lot like riding a Dune Buggy. Each of them has four sizable air-filled wheels that allow it to travel across rough terrain. The key difference is that quad bikes are all-terrain, single-rider vehicles without recognizable rolling bars. They are typically heavier and more challenging to drive for people who are new to sand sports.

You can control the excitement of your ride, even if you have never driven one before. You’re free to pick and share a buggy with your friend. This is going to be a very fun adventure because of the rough ground and amazing desert views!

Enjoy the amazing views: This is a unique adventure and perfect way to explore the beauty of desert. Follow your group and your expert guide, they will show us how to navigate the desert, and where we should go.

Perfect for beginners: You don’t need to be an expert at dune buggy riding. You’re ready for an amazing experience if you comply with your instructor’s safety requirements.

In Dubai, http://Dunebuggyrentaldesert.com offers dune buggy rides. Ensure that you wear safety equipment and listen carefully to your guides when driving.

Type of Dune Buggy Safaries

Ready to book your dune buggy ride?

2 Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR 1000 CC Turbo

The RZR 1000 CC Turbo has a sleek and elegant design, with a sporty look that’s sure to impress. We’re offering a two seat vehicle that brings excitement and adventure to your trip. The best ride can be selected with the assistance of helpful staff.

2 Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR 1000 CC Turbo

4-Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR 1000 CC Turbo

Take the entire family in a four-person dune buggy! These versions still deliver a thrilling ride, but they also have additional stability and comfortable seats. Rear trunk space is a feature of certain models.

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4-Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR 1000 CC

Look for specialty vehicles like the Polaris RZR, which offers side-by-side seating, excellent traction, and high-performance handling, if you’re an experienced rider. With these models, you can climb the highest peaks and the steepest slopes.

4-Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR 1000 CC

2 Seater Polaris RZR 1000 CC Dune Buggy

These powerful, light dune buggies are built for maximum speed and pleasure. It’s ideal for couples or lone riders wishing to get some serious air on the dunes because it just has two seats.

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2-Seater Canam Maverick X3 Dune Buggy

With the CanAm Maverick X3 Turbo, you can enjoy the thrill of dune buggy riding in the most thrilling manner possible. Remember to reserve your own dune buggies in advance for this thrilling adventure!

2-Seater Canam Maverick X3 Dune Buggy

1 Seater Polaris RZR 1000 CC

As a single-user rallycross, desert, or woodland weapon, the Polaris RZR is unlike any other side-by-side in the game because it is both powerful and reasonably priced.

1 Seater Polaris RZR 1000 CC

Type of dune buggy packages

Ready to book your dune buggy ride?

2 Seater Dune Buggy 1000 CC + Bedouin BBQ Dinner Package

With this tour from Dubai, you’ll get a glimpse of the secret delights of Arabian life. Take a dune buggy through the sand dunes, try sand surfing, watch live shows, and have a barbecue dinner at the desert camp.

2 Seater Dune Buggy 1000 CC + Bedouin BBQ Dinner Package

4-Seater Dune Buggy 1000 CC + BBQ Dinner Package

During this dune buggy safari, spend an adventurous evening in the desert just outside of Dubai. Zip through the red sands in your 4-person buggy, equipped with a helmet and goggles, before watching a stunning desert sunset. Then you’ll be taken to the desert camp, where there will be a delicious dinner and live entertainment.

dirt bike buggy in desert off road buggies sand dune buggy off road dune buggy

Can-Am Dune Buggy + Bedouin BBQ Dinner Package

1-hour Private Buggy Tour, after finishing buggy then drive to desert safari camp for dinner. A tour of the buggy will be available for sandboarding. Desert Dune buggy self-drive through magnificent dunes followed by a desert Bedouin campsite dining experience. Hungry for a fantastic venture in a powerful buggy but wouldn’t mind dining in the absolute beauty and majestic aura only found in the golden sands of the Arabian Desert.

dirt bike buggy in desert off road buggies sand dune buggy off road dune buggy


It’s a worth trying experience if you are considering a dune buggy ride during a visit to Dubai. In Dubai, Dune Buggy riding is done for your comfort and safety in mind. You’ll be trained on how to operate the dune buggy safely and briefed on the way before you start. You will also be provided with protective gear, such as helmets and eye goggles, by your guide. You have seat belts and roll cages installed in your buggy.

You can chose by yourself from dune buggies and packages at Dune Buggy Rental Desert, depending on your requirements. An exciting ride with magnificent views, it promises to be a wonderful experience, whether you choose a two or four seat buggy. For a safety, make sure you follow the safety guidelines and pay attention to the guides.

In addition to the memories of your trip to Dubai, book and adventure with Dune Buggy Rental Desert for an unforgettable experience, which includes a Bedouin BBQ dinner package.

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Can I drive a dune buggy on the road?

No, certain dune buggies are unfit for use on public roads. They must be modified to adhere to equipment and safety regulations. For instance, they might require the addition of seatbelts, a windshield, turn signals, and lights.

Do I need a special license to drive a dune buggy?

It’s depends on the regulations in your area, a special license is require for driving a dune buggy. In certain areas, you might require a regular driver's license, to drive a dune buggy on public roads just like driving a car. But if you're only using the dune buggy off-road or on private property, you might not need any special license.

Can children participate in a dune buggy desert safari?

The children can join who are 10 years old or older, but they need to be with an adult. The parent will be fully responsible for them.

What is the best time of year to go on a desert safari with a dune buggy?

The colder winter months of October through April are the best times to take a dune buggy safari in Dubai's deserts. The weather is pleasant during this time of year, with daytime highs of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime lows of about 60 degrees. Being outside and taking in the beauty of the desert without being too heated is much more pleasant. But throughout the summer, it gets unbearably hot and stuffy, especially in July and August.

What type of terrain can dune buggies handle best?

Sand and unstable terrain is the intended use for dune buggies. They work well for:

Deserts: Sand dunes in desert regions are ideal for dune buggies. To manage the jumps and bounces in the desert, they have a robust suspension system.

Beaches: Dune buggies work well on several types of beaches with densely packed, firm sand. Use caution when driving over wet or loose sand as it can be difficult to maneuver.

Sand Dunes: Playing on dunes is ideal for dune buggies. They are lightweight so they can climb and move about with ease, and they have unique tires that help them float on soft sand.

Are there any weight restrictions for dune buggy passengers?

Yes, there are rules about how heavy passengers can be on dune buggies to keep everyone safe. Depending on the size of the buggy and the rental provider, the weight limit may vary, but it is often around 240 pounds (110 kg).

What should I wear for a dune buggy desert safari?

Wearing light and breezy clothing is our best advice when dressing for a desert safari because the temperature rises significantly during the day. Wearing cotton or linen clothing is preferable to synthetic ones. It's crucial to wear sunscreen because strolling in the sun is a common part of desert activities. It is advisable to pack light-colored slacks and a long-sleeved shirt for a summertime desert safari.

You can wear shorts, but keep in mind that it will grow colder as the sun sets and you'll be spending a lot of time in an air-conditioned car. In order to show respect in the United Arab Emirates, women should also refrain from dressing provocatively.

Can I bring my camera or phone on the dune buggy ride?

You can't use cameras or phones during the adventure. If they fall, they might break and be hard to get back. Instead, a professional photographer will take pictures for you and you can buy these pictures at the end of the tour.

Is it safe to drive a dune buggy in the desert?

It's safe and fun to ride in a dune buggy; it's not dangerous. It's safer to sign up for a guided tour led by a skilled driver if you're new to it. They can securely maneuver the buggies and are familiar with the terrain.

It is recommended to consult a physician prior to embarking on this expedition if you are pregnant or suffer from heart or back problems. Your health is very important to us and we want everyone to have a nice experience.

How fast do dune buggies go?

Generally, dune buggies can go at different speeds. Here's how fast they usually go:

  • Electric buggies are slower, going around 5 to 15 mph.
  • Regular gasoline buggies are a bit faster, reaching 30 to 50 mph.
  • If you change things around in the dune buggy, it can go even faster, like 50 to 70 mph.
  • Some specially modified ones can go fast, over 100 mph.

Is Desert Safari safe?

Yes! Desert safari is Save but you should follow the Dunebuggyrentaldesert.com Guidelines and never off the seatbelt during Dune Bashing and Quad biking.

Can Kids be allowed on desert safari?

Yes! Now Kids are allowed on desert safaris even dunebuggyrentaldesert.com Has a wide range of 90CC Quad bikes especially for Kids Dune Bashing. So if you want to Book This Quad bike for your Kids click the Following button and Surprise your Kids.

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