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Dubai Private Desert Safari is also Known as Luxury Desert Safari in Dubai Desert, A Private desert safari in Dubai is a luxury way to explore the Dubai Arabian sand desert. Every year, 100K+ tourists book and enjoy the private desert safari. There are 3 types of desert safaris which are:

All these desert safaris contain the same tour activities but the difference is in Time, it depends on you, on which part of the day you want to book your private safari desert safari. The duration of the private desert safari is 6 hours which covers and manages all activities such as:

On the other hand, there are free services included in these packages like:

  • Soft Drinks and mineral water
  • Arabic Costumes for photo shooting
  • Unlimited Tea and coffee
  • Smoking areas with facilities.

These VIP desert safari activities are easily covered and enjoyed within 6 Hours.

Dune Buggy Rental Dubai is the favorite desert safari ride of 10 out of 9 tourists, this Dubai safari ride gives an unforgettable desert safari experience. every year 150k+ tourists add dune buggy and enjoy their buggy ride in Dubai.

4 seater polaris

Quad Bike Rental Dubai is the Top Desert safari Ride for Couples and friends Because Quad Bike Have many different types of models that are suitable for different Safaries, such as:

These Quad Bikes Provide Premium Desert Safari Experience.

quad biking


If you are Fit and love Scartboarding then this opportunity is for you Introduce Scartboarding on Desert Sand means Sandboarding, Yes! So don’t miss this opportunity and Book Now

Are you interested in exploring Dubai’s Arabian Sand Desert in a Historical way then Introduced the Camel Safari. The Camel safari is a basic and interesting part of the Dubai safari, in which we get entertained with Natural Way.

camel ride duabi

Fire Shows

After covering the Camel Ride, Dune buggy, or Quad bike safari the next step is the Fire show, in this Show, we can get entertained by the person who plays with fire with different styles, and it also gives an unforgettable view.

fire show

Belly Dance & Tanoura Dance

Belly dance and Tanoura dance the amazing Dance occasions in which a beautiful Girl performs Belly dance in front of your eyes. Belly dance is also included in Premium Desert Safari, Morning Desert Safari, and even Evening Desert Safari, So don’t forget to Book Private Desert Safari.

belly dance show dubai

Veg & Non-Veg Desert Dinner

After a 6-hour Desert safari, the main and important activity will be waiting for you YES! Desert Dinner. Desert Dinner is the amazing part of the desert safari in which you get to experience the cultural Food, tastes, and Style of serving dinner. If anyone asks me a question, Which is my favorite and most enjoyable part of the Desert safari? Then my answer is DESERT DINNER!, So never miss the Dubai desert Dinner if you Book the Desert Safari With Dune Buggy Rental Desert.

sheikh zayed grand mosque

Some Free Services Provides 4 free Private Desert Safari Services Such as:

  • Soft Drinks and mineral water
  • Arabic Costumes for photo shooting
  • Unlimited Tea and coffee
  • Smoking areas with facilities.

Other Travel & Tour agencies get extra paid by you for these services but Dune Buggy Rental Desert provides premium safari services so these all services are free for you, So get benefits for these free services and Book Your Desert Safari with Dune Buggy Rental Desert Now.

dune buggy free services

Conclusion Provides you the amazing Desert Safari experiences at cheap prices with Excellent services, We have many types of desert safaris such as Private Desert safari, Evening Desert safari, Morning Desert safari, Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Camel Riding, Sandboarding, Hina painting, Belly dance, KTM Bike, Tanura Dancs, Fire shows, Desert dinners, food and cultural experiences with memorizable Photo shoot Album. So don’t waste your time and stop getting confused during the Desert safari type selection just Click this Book Now Button and get a guide from Now.

Tourist reviews about Dunebuggyrentaldesert

Some Tourist reviews Recently Booked their Desert Safari with Dune Buggy Rental Desert. If you want to Review us so Click the Below Review Us Button or Scan the QR Code with Google Lens and Enjoy!


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What is Desert Safari?

Desert Safari is the way of Entertainment in Dubai Outside Desert, in which tourist and Locals spend their Holidays and weekends with Different activities such as Dune bashing, Quad biking, Camel rides, Belly dance shows, and Dinners. 

How long are desert safari in Dubai?

The Safari duration depends on the Desert safari packages Morning and Evening Desert safari take 5-6 Hours and if you only want single rides such as Dune Buggy rides or Quad biking and Camel Ride etc, you will be free as you wish.

Which time is best for Desert Safari?

Time between 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM is an excellent time for any type of desert safari because between this time you can enjoy the sun view and the desert weather is also Amazing.

Desert Safari Cost?

The desert safari cost is between 100 AED to 400 Per person. if you want to get discounts so Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Discount coupons.

What is Desert Safari cost for Kids? Give a 10% Discount on all desert safari packages for Kids only so why are you waiting Click the Book Now and enjoy your Ride.

What should I bring with me on the Dubai desert Safari?

There are some accessories you should buy before the Desert safari such as Sunglasses, Sun hats, umbrellas, and Towels.

Can I Book my Desert Safari in advance?

Advance Desert safari booking was recommended in peak session because these days due to huge numbers of tourists the Desert safari Tickets will be booked.

Is transportation included in Desert Safari Booking?

No, it is optional, if you have your Transportation you will pay only the Booking fee, if you don’t have transportation then Dunebuggyrentaldesert.con Offer you Hotel Pickup Services. Other companies charge you between 450 AED to 600 AED for hotel pickup and drop, but charges you only 350 AED for Hotel Pickup services. 

What if you get sick during Desert Safari?

In this case, Provides you with basic First Aid treatment and if the situation is serious then the company will call the Ambulance, and I will be reached within 5-10 minutes in Dubai.

What Desert Safari package should I book for Family Desert Safari? recommends Private desert Safari and Luxury Desert Safari especially for Family Tour, Because these Safari packages provide you with Private and customizable services that you can able to enjoy without any Geathring and Trousits traffic.

Is Desert Safari safe?

Yes! Desert safari is Save but you should follow the Guidelines and never off the seatbelt during Dune Bashing and Quad biking.

Can Kids be allowed on desert safari?

Yes! Now Kids are allowed on desert safaris even Has a wide range of 90CC Quad bikes especially for Kids Dune Bashing. So if you want to Book This Quad bike for your Kids click the Following button and Surprise your Kids.

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