family desert safari in duai

Family Desert Safari in Dubai

A trip to the city of Dubai offers the chance to go on unique adventures. Family Desert Safari Dubai enables the possibility of this kind of trip. This family tour across Dubai’s stunning dunes will make treasured memories. The ideal way to get away from the city and treat yourself to something special is with the Top Desert Safari packages in Dubai.

 This special key will help you unravel the mysteries of the Dubai family desert safari and ensure every visitor, young or old, has a safe and enjoyable time. In addition to all the essential activities, dune buggy rentals in the desert offer families the most exciting and enjoyable desert adventure tours. Travelers can plan unforgettable family trips for their entire family, including small kids and newborns.

You must reserve the Dune buggy rental desert to learn about the history, secrets, and significance of this desert region in Emirati culture. This is going to be an exciting day full of surprises where you can learn new things and have a great time. This makes it perfect for a thrilling desert safari that offers thrilling experiences like quad biking, sandboarding, and dune bashing.

Half-day, full-day, and private desert safaris are available, with some even including overnight stays. The decision is based on your travel choices, timetable, and desired level of experience.

Morning Desert Safari

 Enjoy a magical start to the day as you watch the desert come to life in the soft morning light. The air is filled with an almost mystical aura as the whispers of the desert come to life and the golden hues create a beautiful spell.

evening desert safari

Family Desert Safari

Experience the genuine spirit of the desert as the sun sets softly, spreading vivid hues over the sky. Right now is the ideal time to take stunning pictures and make memories to cherish.

private desert safai

Private Desert Safari

Private safaris are an option if you want a more specialized experience; you can pick a private morning desert safari in Dubai and customize the activities. For those looking for a customized and exclusive trip, this is the best choice.

private desert safai
  • A professional driver with a Desert Safari license will pick you up from your Dubai hotel, house, or apartment for dune bashing.
  • Arabic tea and coffee are served as part of the traditional camp greeting.
  • Embracing Sunsets with Arabic Sweets & Fresh Fruits (included)
  • Arabic clothing photographed (included)
  • Experiencing a Brief Ride on a Camel
  • A sandboarding platform is offered.
  • Complete Henna Design Unlimited Water, Tea, Coffee, and Soft Drinks (included)
  • An international dinner buffet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbecue is offered.
  • Full light and sound show at The Camp, with a fire show, belly dancers, and an enthralling tanura dance.
  • Give back your flat, home, or hotel.

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