Land Cruiser Desert Safari in Dubai

Land Cruiser Desert Safari in Dubai

The Land Cruiser Desert Safari in Dubai is an experience like no other. Now, start preparing yourself for the adventure you will never forget! You should try the Dune Bashing Desert Safari in Dubai, whether you are an experienced adventurer or on your first visit to the United Arab Emirates. Imagine cruising over the dunes in a 4×4 V8 Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser is a rugged, robust vehicle specially configured to cope with the rigors of road travel. The vehicle is equipped with four-wheel drive and an advanced suspension system. Even the most difficult dunes of Dubai are easy to navigate with a Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser will provide a smooth and stable ride, whether you climb steep dunes or cross soft sand. Land cruisers are a favorite vehicle for dune bashing on the Dubai coast.

While the Land Cruiser is designed to drive off the road. Remember that safety remains a primary concern. There’s a roll cage in all the cruisers we used for dune bashing in Dubai Safari.

The timing may be morning or evening, each lasting approximately four to six hours. The morning safaris start at 5:00 a.m. and last up to noon, while the evening tours of the desert are held between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

The Land Cruiser Desert Safari is much more than an off-road adventure. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset, sand boarding, and camel rides during the tour. Belly dance, tanoura dance, fire show, and BBQ dinner are also served during the tour, and take advantage of photo opportunities to record the desert sunset. One of the most exciting parts of the Land Cruiser Desert Safari in Dubai is the off-road adventure.

For every taste and interest, Land Cruiser Safari has a variety of activities. The highlights of this tour with dune buggy rental desert are given below:

Hold firm as your skilled driver maneuvers the Land Cruiser through the undulating dunes, which will give you a thrill ride unlike any before. You’ll feel the thrill of experiencing Dune Bashing, a heart-pounding activity that combines speed, skill, excitement, and adrenaline. This off-road adventure will leave you breathless and craving for more.

Take a camel ride through the desert as an authentic Bedouin. Enjoy the gentle swaying motion of these majestic animals as they take you on a journey through the Dubai desert safari.

camel ride duabi

You’ll like sandboarding, if you are a fan of snowboarding. You slide down the dunes on a board and experience an adrenaline rush when you accelerate.

You will be greeted with warm drinks like Arabic coffee and fresh juice when you arrive at the campsite.

During the evening, you will experience the exotic beauty of traditional belly dancing in two spectacular performances.

belly dance

Watch in awe as a talented performer spins gracefully in a traditional Tanoura dance. A form of entertainment that is distinctive and colorful.

You’re going to be amazed by this spectacular fire show, a magnificent dance and balancing display that will make you dizzy.

desert night

Experience the taste of Arabia in a delicious barbeque dinner, which includes an extensive selection of meat and vegetable options.

dune buggy rental

Conclusion Provides you the amazing Desert Safari experiences at cheap prices with Excellent services, We have many types of desert safaris such as Private Desert safari, Evening Desert safari, Morning Desert safari, Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Camel Riding, Sandboarding, Hina painting, Belly dance, KTM Bike, Tanura Dancs, Fire shows, Desert dinners, food and cultural experiences with memorizable Photo shoot Album. So don’t waste your time and stop getting confused during the Desert safari type selection just Click this Book Now Button and get a guide from Now.

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What is Desert Safari?

Desert Safari is the way of Entertainment in Dubai Outside Desert, in which tourist and Locals spend their Holidays and weekends with Different activities such as Dune bashing, Quad biking, Camel rides, Belly dance shows, and Dinners. 

How long are desert safari in Dubai?

The Safari duration depends on the Desert safari packages Morning and Evening Desert safari take 5-6 Hours and if you only want single rides such as Dune Buggy rides or Quad biking and Camel Ride etc, you will be free as you wish.

Which time is best for Desert Safari?

Time between 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM is an excellent time for any type of desert safari because between this time you can enjoy the sun view and the desert weather is also Amazing.

Desert Safari Cost?

The desert safari cost is between 100 AED to 400 Per person. if you want to get discounts so Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Discount coupons.

What is Desert Safari cost for Kids? Give a 10% Discount on all desert safari packages for Kids only so why are you waiting Click the Book Now and enjoy your Ride.

What should I bring with me on the Dubai desert Safari?

There are some accessories you should buy before the Desert safari such as Sunglasses, Sun hats, umbrellas, and Towels.

Can I Book my Desert Safari in advance?

Advance Desert safari booking was recommended in peak session because these days due to huge numbers of tourists the Desert safari Tickets will be booked.

Is transportation included in Desert Safari Booking?

No, it is optional, if you have your Transportation you will pay only the Booking fee, if you don’t have transportation then Dunebuggyrentaldesert.con Offer you Hotel Pickup Services. Other companies charge you between 450 AED to 600 AED for hotel pickup and drop, but charges you only 350 AED for Hotel Pickup services. 

What if you get sick during Desert Safari?

In this case, Provides you with basic First Aid treatment and if the situation is serious then the company will call the Ambulance, and I will be reached within 5-10 minutes in Dubai.

What Desert Safari package should I book for Family Desert Safari? recommends Private desert Safari and Luxury Desert Safari especially for Family Tour, Because these Safari packages provide you with Private and customizable services that you can able to enjoy without any Geathring and Trousits traffic.

Is Desert Safari safe?

Yes! Desert safari is Save but you should follow the Guidelines and never off the seatbelt during Dune Bashing and Quad biking.

Can Kids be allowed on desert safari?

Yes! Now Kids are allowed on desert safaris even Has a wide range of 90CC Quad bikes especially for Kids Dune Bashing. So if you want to Book This Quad bike for your Kids click the Following button and Surprise your Kids.

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The desert safari offers adventurers an unforgettable experience amidst golden dunes, with camel rides, mesmerizing sunsets, and enchanting Arabian nights.