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Desert Safari Dubai has already established itself as one of Dubai’s leading quad bike and dune buggy rental suppliers. To ensure your experience in Dubai is not forgotten and exciting, you can trust us to deliver an Unbeatable Tour with Off Road Buggies and Quad bikes which will take you on a ride of the highest caliber.

Our morning safari adventure will take you through the heart of the desert of Dubai. Experience the thrill of dune bashing, quad bike riding, and riding sand bashing on the sands.

Our company’s mission is to provide tours of Dune Buggy Rental Desert Safari Dubai that exceed expectations, guaranteeing superior quality and an exceptional experience. Dune Buggy Rental offers you vehicles to explore its vast landscapes. All you need to know about quad bike rentals, tours, safety tips, and frequent questions are covered in this quick guide. Book your ride on the most exciting adventure with Dune Buggy Rental.

  • 2, 4 seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR 1000 CC Turbo
  • 2 seater Canam Maverick X3 Dune Buggy

Families and friends can share Quad bikes and enjoy the view from passenger seats.

  • Yamaha Raptor 700 CC Quad Bike
  • Quad bike 90 CC for kids
  • Quad Bike 400 CC
  • Quad Bike 220 CC


Dune buggies were initially designed as recreational vehicles, fitted with large and wide tires, to be used on dunes, beaches, desert areas, and roads. Usually, a rear-mounted engine was used to drive the buggy. You can modify your current vehicle to make a dune buggy, or you’re capable of building one yourself.

Dune buggies are vehicles designed for the transport of dunes and other sandy areas, which are usually referred to as “buggies”. Thanks to their typically upright chassis and generous tires, these vehicles are particularly suitable for easy navigation on difficult terrains. Dune buggies can travel further distances during a couple of days’ journey.

The American National Standards Institute’s definition of a vehicle that operates on low-pressure tires, with a seat straddled by the driver and handlebars for driving controls is also called ATVs quad bike. Quads are designed to handle all types of terrain, more so than other vehicles, just as the name implies.

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Size and appearance

There are all sorts of ATVs out there, shapes and sizes. The more expensive models are equipped with roofs, and towing bars for camping trailers and can be comparable in size to some of the smaller cars. This means that handling them can either be easy or a nightmare when you’re trying to desperately overcome the bulk and weight of the machine under you while taking a turn.

ATVs are an odd size, with a small wheelbase and light frame, which can cause them to roll over when misused.

The center of gravity is rather small, which makes Dune buggies difficult to maneuver due to their chassis built from a VW beetle and the wheel system modified for handling steep turns. In addition, they have an exceptional ability to cope with several situations. That’s why they’re used in a lot of rally races and dune-bashing competitions. They’re designed to allow the rider to enjoy things without having a specific skill from the start to handle the turns at high speed.

They’re looking for open spaces and roads that already exist where you can easily drive. ATVs are capable of crossing large areas, filled with trees, bushes, and other objects which is made possible by their relatively low size. However, they are limited in other respects because all-terrain vehicles do not usually have lights or number plates and must be fully registered.


In terms of safety, different aspects are highlighted in evaluating Dune Buggy vs ATV. Dune buggies and ATVs also differ in terms of comfort and safety. 

Dune Buggys usually have more space for passengers, such as good seats and rolling cages to protect the passengers. Other safety features, like seat belts or side mirrors, may also be available. A dune buggy’s lower center of gravity allows it to be stabilized, which makes it less likely to crash than an ATV. However, the dune buggy’s protective frame may reduce visibility and pose a safety risk to drivers.

ATVs are usually basic and may not have as many luxuries or safety features. They’ve got a single seat on which the rider sits, and they don’t have room for passengers or luggage. Carrying more than one person can decrease comfort and safety. With the aid of ATVs, riders get a wider field of vision which allows them to see obstacles clearly and react more precisely.



The differences in the engines of these vehicles are what decide what is best. If your Dune buggies are light, small engines that have been refined with turbos and other features that make them perfect for their surroundings. But it limits them in ways that ATVs don’t. The Dune Buggy is more or less always equipped with a 1600cc engine, which has been increased in power somewhat.

While ATVs with 1600cc engines are unheard of, and would not be at all practical, larger ATVs are used for large tasks in remote areas where almost nothing else can be used safely. The engines in all-terrain vehicles begin at 50cc but increase to 1000cc, so they’re either too fast or too powerful to pull the tree out of its roots.

What determines the best is the differences in the engines of these vehicles.

 If you’re looking to have fun with friends, you can do so faster with a dune buggy, whereas going through rough terrain and overcoming impossible obstacles is much easier when you are a group of people that all have 450cc powerhouse ATVs.


The cost and maintenance aspects play an important role when it comes to choosing between a Dune Buggy and a Quad bike. Dune buggies tend to be more costly from the outset, in part because of their larger complicated mechanical structures, and they have an increased maintenance cost. ATVs have fewer maintenance requirements and are much more affordable.

When it comes to the market, ATVs are relatively inexpensive. Dune buggies are, generally speaking, less expensive to acquire compared with all-terrain vehicles because they’re purchased based on their use. However, it may be even harder to find them due to their lack of popularity and wide availability in comparison with off-road vehicles.



It’s a worth trying experience if you are considering a dune buggy ride during a visit to Dubai. In Dubai, Dune Buggy riding is done for your comfort and safety in mind. You’ll be trained on how to operate the dune buggy safely and briefed on the way before you start. You will also be provided with protective gear, such as helmets and eye goggles, by your guide. You have seat belts and roll cages installed in your buggy.

You can chose by yourself from dune buggies and packages at Dune Buggy Rental Desert, depending on your requirements. An exciting ride with magnificent views, it promises to be a wonderful experience, whether you choose a two or four seat buggy. For a safety, make sure you follow the safety guidelines and pay attention to the guides.

In addition to the memories of your trip to Dubai, book and adventure with Dune Buggy Rental Desert for an unforgettable experience, which includes a Bedouin BBQ dinner package.

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What is the minimum age requirement for quad biking?

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to drive Quad bikes.

How long does quad biking take in Dubai?

Quad bike usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.

How many people can ride a quad bike in Dubai?

The majority of quad bikes are comfortable for two or more people. The excitement can be shared by families and friends, taking turns driving or enjoying a view of the cockpit.

How fast can a dune buggy go?

Dune buggies have an average maximum speed of 60 to 70mph.

Are dune buggies good for off-road driving?

Dune buggies are fun and affordable to ride off the beaten path in dunes or other smooth terrain.

Can you drive a dune buggy in Dubai if you have a license?

The Desert Buggy Dubai ride is going to be enjoyed by all, whether or not they have a driver's license. However, Dune Buggy Dubai is not suitable for pregnant women, and children under the age of 15 are not allowed to drive.

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